The wait is over… the latest innovative industry first from Nikon has arrived!  SeeCoat Bright; The first anti-glare treatment to “Brighten” wearers vision is now available at your Nikon Lenswear provider.

29th Sep 2017

Nikon, the pioneers that introduced the first Blue Light Control anti-glare treatment to the market; SeeCoat Blue, are proud to announce their latest breakthrough in anti-glare treatment technology: SeeCoat Bright. SeeCoat Bright is an innovative new anti-glare treatment available from Nikon Lenswear, which can provide benefits to a majority of eyeglass wearers. SeeCoat Bright works by utilizing cutting edge technology to correct for color balance shifts perceived by the eye from normal aging and dimmer - darker lighting scenarios, effectively “Brightening” the world seen.

Exciting New Innovations are Coming Soon!  An Industry First, Nikon’s Exclusive New Innovation will be Available from Nikon Lenswear Providers.

13th Jun 2017

Nikon, celebrating 100 years of innovation and cutting edge technology, has brought you a series of firsts for your eyeglasses. From super thin and light 1.74 high index lenses for better visual acuity and comfort, to Blue Light Control functional Anti-Glare coating that not only helps to protect the eye from harmful high energy visible blue light, but also provides the greatest level of protection for your lenses; Nikon has been a leader in innovation for the eyewear industry. Coming soon, this year Nikon is set to add another cutting edge, innovative first to the Nikon Lenswear line of Lenses and Coatings… 

Our Nikon Lenswear line of Lenses & Coatings is available exclusively through independent eye care professionals; Ask your Local Independent Eye Care Professional about Nikon Lenswear Today!

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