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Quality, reliability and efficiency

Nikon understands that the needs of progressive lens wearers can be quite different, for example those with specific yet different visual needs, usually determined by the actual prescription and how the wearer uses their spectacles.

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Conventional lens
Move Digital
Move Digital
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Unique Features

  • Advanced Digital Surfacing technology, give increased image resolution and precision
  • Choice of two progressive lengths provides short and general purpose designs
  • Nikon world renowned coatings: SeeCoat Plus, SeeCoat Blue, ECC and HCC ensure durability and transparency
  • Transitions available in 1.50, polycarbonate, and hi-index 1.60 and 1.67 giving a wide material selection

'Quick Access Technology' is used to ensure a wide and easily accessible reading area without sacrificing distance sharpness. This design gives a balanced performance with almost elimination of 'distortion' allowing easy adaption.

Available in Transitions and Hi-index Polarized options for everyday photochromic adaptive lenses and sunwear.