The reliability of the Nikon brand stems from the high-calibre technical developments and R&D activities that have been ongoing since the company’s inception in 1917.

Advanced key technologies and research are handled at Nikon's Core Technology Center. Each of Nikon’s individual companies conducts their own Research and Development based on a specific vision and aimed at developing products for the future. Expertise ranges from optics and materials to image-processing and simulations such as highly innovative digital cameras, ultra-thin ophthalmic lenses and much more.

Nikon continues to make major strides in the ophthalmic lens industry, forging a leadership position in the development of the most advanced lens materials and coatings on the market today. In fact, the quality of its products has earned praise amongst consumers while setting the very standards recognized and adopted by industry specialists themselves. All Nikon single vision lenses feature Nikon’s Advanced Aspheric Design for sharp clear vision with limited peripheral distortion and superb aesthetics.

Lens Technology

Nikon offers extensive expertise in these three areas, providing lenses that offer superior visual performance and unsurpassed protection.


Nikon is a leader in ophthalmic lens technology, holding claims to a series of firsts, from High-index 1.74 material, to the first customized single vision lens. Nikon continues to strive to be a leader in technological advancement in the ophthalmic lens industry, with the development of advanced digital lens designs and innovative coatings.


High-index materials offer the highest quality technology available in eyeglass lenses. Nikon pioneered this technology by introducing its highest index material available, 1.74.


Nikon has an extensive and illustrious history in lens coatings that spans industries as diverse and specialized as photographic equipment, high-precision instrumentation and micro-computer technology. This impressive heritage gives Nikon the leading edge in the field of ultra-thin coating technology for optical lenses. Nikon coatings are the result of a rigorous process that guarantees quality, durability, easy maintenance and of course, unequalled optical performance.

Nikon offers a variety of coatings to consumers and all Nikon coatings assure three primary benefits.

Superior Scratch Resistance

Nikon coatings protect lenses against abrasion and scratches, thereby prolonging their life whatever their index.

Advanced Light Control and Anti-Reflection

Nikon coatings eliminate reflections. They enhance visual clarity particularly when driving at night and working on a computer, keeping residual reflections to a minimum. Furthermore, Nikon coatings limit interference fringes by matching varnish to a material’s refractive index.

Long-lasting, Easy-to-Clean Performance

The superior water and dust-repellent properties of Nikon coatings prevent lenses from water tarnishing and make cleaning quicker and easier than ever.