Nikon Launches Capture-i

01st Oct 2013

Nikon is proud to introduce Capture-i, an iPad-based optical measurement system. Featuring unique patented technology, Capture-i is a high-tech, advanced optical measurement unit that provides outstanding accuracy, yet is easy to use. Designed exclusively for iPad 3 and 4, Capture-i can be used to fit Nikon’s entire range of lenses from single vision to the most advanced fully customized progressive lenses, including SeeMax Power. Contact Us for more information or to schedule a Demo.

Nikon Launches Imagine-i

01st Jul 2013

Nikon is proud to introduce Imagine-i, an iPad app that covers many features; from visual demonstrations on how to wear progressive lenses, visual comparisons / explanations of anti-glate treatment, polarized, and Transitions® lenses, to comparisons of visual field width between Nikon digital lens designs, and thickness comparisons between materials in the patients Rx.

Nikon Launches SeeMax Single Vision

03rd May 2013

The most advanced digital single vision lens available from Nikon. Custom made for each individual, SeeMax Single Vision provides sharp and clear optics across the entire surface of the lens, by minimizing or almost eliminating peripheral distortions.

Tips for healthy eyesight

Hot and Cold towels

  1. Prepare two bowls of water, one with hot water and the other one cold water.
  2. Dip a small towel in each bowl.
  3. Apply one of the towels on your closed eyes (hot or cold).
  4. Repeat this and alternate the hot and cold towel. This hot and cold effect will activate blood circulation around your eyes. You can gently massage your face with the towel
  5. Finish by the cold tower
  • Frequency: 2 minutes
  • Where: Home